Welcome to Termoformados Banyeres

Our mission

As a plastic PET containers producers for alimentation, our mission is to offer to the market the best containers for food, trays, trays with hinged lid (clamshells), and containers for slices. We aim at better protecting food, maintain it in good condition for a longer time and in a better looking state.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading production company of sustainable PET containers which are environmentally friendly. All our products are produced with a percent of recycled plastic. We leave our stamp in society giving employment and having a good relationship within the community.

Our company

Termoformados Banyeres produce containers, mainly for the alimentation sector. We are specialized in the production of clamshells, containers for slices and trays for fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, we can produce thermoforming containers to custom our clients specifications.

Termoformados Banyeres is conscious of the importance of serving quality products, specifically for the Food industry. Currently, we are finalizing the implementation of the BRC/IOP protocol in our installations, with the purpose to show our clients that our containers are products of the highest quality.


We consider that the know-how of our business is the most important thing to obtain high quality products.


Our team offers a personalised service during all the process, from the beginning until the end.

Our team

This is the most important for us. We have a qualified team that helps us reach our goals.



We have the latest technology regarding the making of thermoforming process for alimentary use.


In Termoformados Banyeres we take care about the environment, for that reason we produce sustainable products.

Know how

The production process of the containers is controlled by our employees. All of them are trained to making the tray in a perfect way.

Our containers