Welcome to the world of plastic Food containers.

Because your containers are important too

Termoformados Banyeres is a business dedicated to producing plastic trays on Packaging for Food.

We are specialist producers in clamshells trays (hinged lids containers), trays for slices, and PET trays without lids. Our trays are produced with multilayer PET plastic and they can come in colour or transparent (clear). The process to produce these trays is called Thermoforming and thanks to it the plastic containers are molded. Thermoforming gives the product good resistance, durability and high capability to conserve food. Furthermore, its characteristics are perfect for freezing.

We are specialists on producing PET containers for filling food. Within this classification, we have a variety of containers with hinged lids or clamshells, containers for slices and trays for various types of food.


Our values


To obtain a quality product a strong technological component is needed. We have the latest technology in relation to the process of thermoforming for alimentary trays.


The know-how of our business is the most important for us to obtain quality products. We are more demanding than our clients when it comes to making the best products in the market. Furthermore, we have suppliers that offer us the highest quality materials to obtain the best product that we can offer.


In Termoformados Banyeres we care about the environment and make our products sustainable. All our Packaging is completely reciclable.